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Feb. 26, 2021

01. Never Give Up!

01. Never Give Up!

Today Sandee speaks with Paul Wharton—an Emmy nominated television personality, author, producer, beauty, entertaining and lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, and enthusiastic home chef. Paul shares his story on how he decided to start a relationship in Europ

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🌞 Welcome, Paul. Long time no see! 1:12

🇬🇧 Paul is working from home in London. 2:35

💂 He realized he had outgrown his DC job and that his joy was fading, so he headed to London. 3:13

❤️ Paul found his happiness and an amazing relationship with Gary in London. 6:30

🗣️ Don’t involve too many opinions in your decision-making when you already know your choice. 10:24

😎 Paul started writing the script for his holiday special with Patti LaBelle in June, even though he didn’t have a way to contact her yet. 13:03

🎥 After all the obstacles, Paul was in his idol’s house, shooting a special. 15:29

💎 Paul’s mother is always right. Listen to your mothers. 21:49

😲 “You are that boy that got left at Constitution Hall.” 22:22

🚨 Sandee’s story about her ex-husband. 25:24

🍸 Think twice before you get behind the wheel after a few drinks. 26:10

💪 Happiness Solved is about getting back to happiness after a series of tragedies. 27:38

🏥 What Sandee learned through years of therapy. 30:15

👐 Let people reveal themselves, and don’t place your expectations on them. 31:48

✍️ When MTV was looking for a show, Paul told his friend he had a show idea—even though he didn’t. But he went home and wrote it that night. 34:23

😃 After 20 years, Paul finally has good representation. 37:12

🃏 Some things you’ll have to do for free, but it won’t always be like that. 40:08

👩‍👦 Paul got his resilience from his mom. 41:45

🎙️ His show is at 6 p.m. on SiriusXM Channel 141. 47:14

🧑🏽‍🍳 Paul loves adventures and cooking. 48:19

🧴 He talks about the skin issues he had in the past and his skin and hair care line, JūJ. 49:17

🥂 Paul’s new show is going to be about bringing people together in their homes in a beautiful way. 52:24

💎 Paul believes in living life with love, faith, forgiveness, and gratitude. 57:04

🤗 Sandee’s so proud of Paul. 58:45

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