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Wonderful conversations on a variety of interesting topics related to emotional well-being!

Sandee Adds Such Enrichment!!

I recently heard multiple tips on managing stress/gaining happiness through Sandee and these are tips I’ve never heard!! Sandee has so much value to share and her life experiences make her such an empowering voice!!

My go to podcast for inspiring interviews.

Sandee interviews a great mix of people from different backgrounds, age groups, and experiences. Each has a story and tips on not just happiness but how to get through life.

A Warm and Compassionate Host

Loved my conversation with Sandee and felt like speaking with a long time friend filled with wisdom and practical experience. A really enjoyable experience who makes the learnings accessible for all!

Happiness Solved Is a Breath of Fresh Air

I must admit that I am a new fan! I started listening and was curious about the solution to my happiness. Each episode that I have listened to has given me actionable steps that I can take to live an abundant, significant life.