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Oct. 8, 2021

34. Be Better: Interview with Kirby Chenkin

34. Be Better: Interview with Kirby Chenkin

Energetic Kirby Chenkin is a personal development coach, entrepreneur, and founder of KirBeBetter who aims to make the world a better place with his mission. He is trying to inspire people to get healthier and become the best version of themselves. He sha

⚡ Kirby has energetic videos on Instagram. 04:09

🤸‍♂️ High energy boy: Movement is medicine, define your movement and make it fun. 04:49

😃 No more gym memberships for Sandee. 06:13

🔝 “Your uniqueness and success lie within understanding your highest values.” 08:16

🙏 The body is sending us signals. 10:02

🙌 A greatness test: identify your highest priority values. 11:27

😩 A difficult divorce, being labeled as a kid, and being highly medicated. 13:48

🎾 Finding tennis in high school and Kirby’s struggle with marijuana. 18:06

🥊 Boxing team: You’re out of shape! 19:59

🤯 Dr. Martini’s story about the difference between motivation and inspiration. 23:19

✨ We are all perfect, but society usually wrongly aligns us. 29:14

😇 Be gentle with each other during the divorce: it will be ok in the end. 32:19

🎙️ The fitness routines, meal plans, SM films, and a podcast. 33:25

🧡 “You are perfect as you are. Go, chase your dreams.” 34:33

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