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Sept. 24, 2021

32. Roar with Laughter: Interview with Pasha Marlowe

32. Roar with Laughter: Interview with Pasha Marlowe

Pasha Marlowe is a therapeutic comedy coach, ADHD coach, pleasure podcast host, and author. She blends her life experiences with her work in healing through psychotherapy, embodied emotions, holistic wellness, life coaching, ADHD/CBT coaching, along with

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😉 Pasha calls herself a therapeutic comedy coach as a  title that encompasses her background. 04:31
🎭 She loves stand-up comedic approaches and she has a background in professional theater and acting. 05:25
👦 Orientation towards humor at the hardest of times: Pasha’s son got sick and comedy helped her a lot. 06:24
🎤 Roar with Laughter program is about laughing through tears and transforming within a sisterhood. 09:38
🤗 A story of losing loved ones in one week: eulogy of life and love. 11:04
🤩 If our doctors, employers, or our friends could bring more humor to our heavy situations, everyone would thrive in releasing tension. 13:30
💊 Tig Notaro also took her trauma and turned it into comedy. 16:47
🤯 Pasha researched comedy in the depths of her grief. 18:12
😁 Laughter is the best medicine and of course, there's research behind it.19:36
💪 Sandee’s dad beat cancer twice. 20:48
🙌  We can find the blessings if we look for them: shifting from the grief cycle. 21:23
🎙️ The podcast Let Pleasure Be the Measure and ideas behind it. 22:10
💆‍♀️ Difference between taking care of yourself and pampering yourself. 24:06
📖 Book: My Next Husband Will Be a Lesbian. 25:16
👍 Pasha’s Facebook groups and virtual comedy healing meetings. 27:02
🆓 Liberation calls: She is hosting free 30-minutes calls. 29:16

Connect with Pasha: www.pashamarlowe.com

😃 Connect with Sandee www.sandeesgarlata.com

📖 Sandee’s book: www.sandeesgarlata.com/the-book

👥 www.facebook.com/coachsandeesgarlata

🗣️ www.twitter.com/sandeesgarlata

🖼️ www.instagram.com/coachsandeesgarlata