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Sept. 17, 2021

31. Bullying to Kung Fu: Interview with Sifu Love

31. Bullying to Kung Fu: Interview with Sifu Love

Sifu Love - a ”Soul Whisper” is a spiritual martial arts practitioner, counselor, and shaman with master’s in spiritual psychology. He teaches people how to heal themselves using spiritual martial arts practices and moves. Sifu enhances that we need to ge

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💚 Meaning of his name. 04:49

😇 “Soul whisperer” teaches spiritual martial arts principles to tune inside and that can help us find the core of who we are. 05:16

🥋 Combination of kung fu and Qi Gong but from a more spiritual perspective. .06:51

🤩 Because of issues in elementary school, Sifu started reading a lot and learned meditation from “Meditation for Dummies”. 8:27

☀️ His mom pushed him to go to Kung Fu classes and that was a huge step for Sifu. 11:50

🤯 With the help of meditation, Sifu observed his bullies with compassion and understanding. 13:35

💫 Research-based movements help people work through many struggles and heal them by energy shifting. 18:31

🙌 Story on Sifu’s client with confidence issues: movements removed her stuckness. 22:01

🤗 Imagination is the way in which the soul speaks to us, do not judge it, engage with it more. 25:27

🧚 “If you really want to transform yourself, you need to get in touch with your imagination.” 27:54

🙏 Program Mythic - a deep dive into your most authentic self. 27:19

Connect with Sifu: www.healingkungfu.com

😃 Connect with Sandee www.sandeesgarlata.com

📖 Sandee’s book: www.sandeesgarlata.com/the-book

👥 www.facebook.com/coachsandeesgarlata

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