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Sept. 3, 2021

29. Positive Light Through Darkness: Interview with Forrest Rivers

29. Positive Light Through Darkness: Interview with Forrest Rivers

Forrest Rivers is a writer, teacher, and speaker and a huge proponent of daily meditation. His personal journey of awakening began at the age of 30 on an inspiring trip to Maui, Hawaii, where the profound healing power of the earth spoke through to his he

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🔄 Press the reset button: 5 tips to reset and de-stress. 00:49

🤝 How Sandee and Forest met.  04:48

✍️ Forrest’s writing for The Mindful Word journal. 05:42

😷 The pandemic was surrounded by fear and anxiety. 08:58

🙃 Writing a book in the middle of the pandemic: How we respond to the suffering is what matters. 10:38

📖 Book: COVID-19 & Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is about all the different ways of spiritually reassessing and awaking. 13:36

🌱 COVID brought out fear of death but also a reconnecting with nature. 15:58

🧘 Importance of daily meditation practice and prayer. 17:28

🤒 Sandee’s book is about humanity at a crossroads, and she wrote it before the pandemic. 19:23

🤯 Get Forrest’s book Hippie Revival for free! 23:50

☮️ Hippie Revivalis about the hippie spirit that is reawakening because society is ruled by ego.  24:24

🪴 Marijuana legalization is likely a symptom of the revival of the hippie culture. 26:38

🆓 Get a copy of COVID-19 & Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening for free! 29:39

🤩 “Sometimes that positive light has to come through the darkness.” 31:41

✨ Forrest’s hope for humanity is that we'll all appreciate each other more and have more gratitude. 32:20

Connect with Forrest: www.forrestrivers.com

😃Connect with Sandee www.sandeesgarlata.com

📖Sandee’s book: www.sandeesgarlata.com/the-book

👥 www.facebook.com/coachsandeesgarlata

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