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Aug. 20, 2021

27. Rising From The Ashes: Interview with Lanette Pottle

27. Rising From The Ashes: Interview with Lanette Pottle

Lanette Pottle is a life and business strategist and author of multiple books. Her newest book is called Small Steps, Big Shifts: 52 Simple Activities to Boost Your Happiness and Well Being. She is sharing her life story from teen pregnancy, poverty, and

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😊 Maine, USA - An amazing place to live. 03:00

🙃 Finding her way after turbulent personal times in her 20s. 04:17

🤷‍♀️ She did not like the person she became. 06:42

😎 Lanette created an online community before Facebook called “Positivity Nation” 08:06

🎨 Having a full range of emotions is healthy: Only being the “Positivity Lady” was too much. 10:59

📚 The first book she wrote was a collaborative book which led her to become a multi-published author. 15:09

🚧 Limiting beliefs show up every single day, especially when Lanette is growing.  19:09

🤠🥸 Coaches should be vulnerable and talk about who they really are. 22:03

❗ Working through heavy emotions more constructively and more quickly doesn't eliminate them. 24:36

😇 A location retreat & a mastermind group: setting goals around the personal side of your life and then building the business from that foundation. 25:42

🧚‍♀️ The magic lies with the individual. 27:28

📙 Book: 52 Activities To Boost Your Happiness. 29:10

Connect with Lanette: www.lanettepottle.com

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