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Aug. 6, 2021

25. Childhood Wounds to Joy Interview with Joy Resor

25. Childhood Wounds to Joy Interview with Joy Resor

Joy Rasor is a published author, spiritual mentor, and ordained minister with a beautiful soul, and an incredibly calming voice. She shares stories from her childhood and the multiple divine interventions that changed her life and inspired her to start wr

🤕 A core wound of not belonging from a very early age. 04:53

😇 Divine interventions: Separation is an illusion, connection is the only thing that exists. 06:01

🩹 What Joy longed for was a healed relationship with her sister. 10:09

✌️ Everyone gets wounded but are you holding onto that for your whole life? 11:54

️🙏 Helping people as a spiritual mentor: Wisdom is in the airwaves. 16:54

✍️ Joy’s co-creative process in writing her books. 22:20

😍 Joy has learned how life is relational and we are connected to everything. 24:15

🤗 Story about her treatment: when we heal, we are healing generations forwards and backward. 25:59

✂️ Breaking bad parenting cycles with self-awareness. 29:17

📚 About Joy’s books and versions of Go in Joy. 32:39

💙 The way to move forward in life is to not be angry with the status of your life. 36:35


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