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July 16, 2021

22. Inspire, Educate & Empower: Interview with Tanaka Tava

22. Inspire, Educate & Empower: Interview with Tanaka Tava

Tanaka Tava empowers underrepresented groups to achieve generational wealth through authentic self-expression. He is the founder and lead creator of the Tava multimedia group, which produces inspirational and intellectually engaging content. He's an actor

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5️⃣ Sandee’s five habits for being happy. 0:36

🤩 Tanaka is grateful for so many things. 03:17

😇 What drives Tanaka: art, media, performance, and not living life without regrets. 06:48

👂 Parents taught him to be a listener. 09:43

🤯 Being deaf until he was four years old. 11:34

⚡ His whole ethos is about being human.15:46

🎙️ Tanaka is a speaker but owns a multimedia company, a clothing line, and hosts a podcast. 17:07

😎 Some of Tanaka's interviews that changed his life perspective. 19:06

💎 Living not just existing. 23:09

🔥 Success should be defined by your own internal fire. 24:44

🌟 Investing in health and experiences. 30:33

📱 Love life more and healthy ethos in his new social media app. 32:29


Connect with Tanaka: www.tanakatava.com




Connect with Sandee


Sandee’s book: www.sandeesgarlata.com/the-book