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July 9, 2021

21. Devastation to Empowerment: Interview with Margot Zaher

21. Devastation to Empowerment: Interview with Margot Zaher

Margot Zaher is an empowerment coach, relationship expert, certified hypnotherapist, and EMDR facilitator. She shares her interesting story of how she worked through issues in her marriage, having polyamorous experiences, intense emotions, and the importa

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💔 Margot’s story about a polyamorous experience in her marriage 01:43

😞 Her self-esteem really plummeted. 05:13

🫂 Embracing the tense emotions: Allowing herself to grieve every day. 07:12

🤓 When you push something difficult away from you, it actually tends to stay there. 08:52

🎁 Searching for the gifts: Margot is grateful for the breakdown of her marriage. 10:20

🚪 Forgiveness is a doorway for embracing a place of gratitude. 15:49

🎯 Emotions are natural, we need to embrace them, even the “bad” ones. 18:05

🤯When the “other” woman asks: I’m having some issues with your husband, what should I do? 21:22

🥰 You can manifest your soulmate. 25:18

💃 Wearing masks in relationships vs being your true self.  33:06

📚 Margot’s book: The Golden Cage: From Entrapment to Empowerment. 33:48

📖 Her new book is about soul-based relationships vs. ego-based relationships. 34:51


Connect with Margot: https://www.margotzaher.com/


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