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June 25, 2021

19. Depression, Grounding, and Spirituality: Interview with Missy Crider

19. Depression, Grounding, and Spirituality: Interview with Missy Crider

Melissa “Missy” Crider is an Emmy nominated SAG-AFATRA actress, singer, producer, author, coach, and child welfare advocate. Missy has starred in over 60 American TV series, mini-series, and major motion pictures. Sandee and Missy talk about her new novel

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✍️ Writing has always been her first love.  02:02

😇 Missy wrote her novel “The Interims” in a leather-bound journal. 03:18

🎩 Missy wrote this book with a very classic and timeless vocabulary. 04:53

🕊️ Her novel is about how the earthbound is interconnected to spirits in other realms. 07:42

🎭 Missy had many joyful times as an actress, but it was also very difficult. 13:09

🙏 What keeps her grounded: she spends 5 minutes each morning in a specific spiritual realm. 14:50

🎬 Working with Matthew McConaughey on the Frailty movie. 20:48 

🎥 Some big names and funders are interested in producing “The Interims” as a film. 24:40

👧🏾 Missy has begun writing additional novels: One she is excited about is set during the War of 1812, and centers around an African American slave girl in the south, and her life story. 26:42

📚 Other books by Missy: “Healing Marilyn” and “Little House War.”

😍 Read books--the written word will stand the test of time.  31:53


Missy's Book: www.balboapress.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/821075-the-interims

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