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June 11, 2021

17. Dis-Ease to Yoga: A lesson in living life stress free! : Interview with Karen Duncan

17. Dis-Ease to Yoga: A lesson in living life stress free! : Interview with Karen Duncan

Today’s guest is Karen Duncan--a mother of three, wife, group fitness teacher, and yoga teacher. Karen shares her experience with a couple of diagnoses that were life-changing. She also talks about how yoga made a difference in her life, especially livin

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🌌 Karen and Sandee have been very close friends since 2006. 01:45

🤰 All the pain and trouble throughout nine years to figure out Karen has celiac disease was horrible. 04:32

😞 When people and doctors make you feel helpless, unheard, invalidated, and very judged. 06:56

🍽️ The best way to eat whether you have celiacs or not. 10:42

🍞 The difference between gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.12:57

🏥 Having Raynaud's and Lupus made Karen realize it is time to slow down and accept yoga. 15:21

🛑 Slowing down the mind when the body's in distress is an absolute must. 17:23

🥬 A 90-day plant-based diet, quitting teaching cycling and reducing inflammation in the body. 18:46

🤔 If kind words directed to you make you uncomfortable, ask yourself why that is the case. 23:02

🌹 Self Care is sanity, not the entity, do it every day. 25:33

💪 Be your own fighter and advocate for your health. 29:30

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