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June 4, 2021

16. The Path to Resilience: Interview with Severine Desrosiers

16. The Path to Resilience: Interview with Severine Desrosiers

Today’s guest is Severine Desrosiers--a Finance employee, University student, and author of the non-fiction 'The Path to Resilience'. Severine shares her story of isolation, shame, issues and tragedies she experienced that inspired her to write a memoir.

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🇬🇧 Severine lives in London, UK, studying at university part-time and working full time. 1:38

📚 She wrote a memoir Path to Resilience even though she is only 34. 03:04

🗽Hopes of the American dream and complicated French system. 04:27

🚙 Sandee went to France and experienced a complicated country and a comedy of errors. 08:32

😨 Being separated from her parents and a battle to prove her own citizenship in France. 10:24

🙏🏻 When death happens to someone close to you, a very real emptiness surrounds you. 13:59

🤔 Writing a memoir requires research on yourself but also the people around you. 17:37

👂 Severine reads an excerpt from her book: 18:53

🩺 Cancer diagnosis. 21:59

😇 Severine’s book reflects many different subjects and helps people learn about the path of resilience.  24:26 

💪People tend to underestimate their strength. 26:28

🌟 Remember: things that have happened to you, are not who you are. 27:09


Connect with Severine:

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Path-Resilience-Severine-Desrosiers/dp/1838436626/

Site: https://www.severinedesrosiers.com/



Connect with Sandee


Sandee’s book: https://sandeesgarlata.com/the-book