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May 21, 2021

14. Standing Up for Yourself, Parenting, & Hardtimes: Interview with Cherise Arthur

14. Standing Up for Yourself, Parenting, & Hardtimes: Interview with Cherise Arthur

Today’s guest is Cherise Arthur, a student supervisor and published writer. Cherise used time during the peak of the pandemic to finish her first children’s book called Sierra and Star, which is about a relationship between a young girl and her pony Star.

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⏩ How do you get back to that place of peace and happiness when life throws curveballs? 00:22

😄 Amazing video on odor control trash bags which have to be used upside down. 02:50

 🙋‍♀️Welcome, Cherise! 5:21

😨 Cherise had issues with an aggressive co-worker. 8:40

🌊 Sneaker waves and blessings in disguise. 15:11

🫂 Why Sandee enjoys recruiting more than HR. 16:55

🐎 Cherise grew up with horses, and now she is leasing one. 19:20

🐴 Being with horses and out in nature is great therapy. 21:15

✍🏻 Cherise always enjoyed writing, and she decided to write her first book. 22:01

👧🌟 Sierra and Star is a book about a young girl and her pony Star. 23:16

🎨 Finding an illustrator for children’s books is a difficult task. 24:50

📚 Cherise is working on a new book with new illustrators. 25:45

🎠 Writing children’s books is a special skill. 26:48

👩‍🏫 Students often realize how helpful teachers were, and how they affected their lives many years later. 29:22

😇 Cherise loves art and thinks it so important to continue learning and to stand up for yourself. 31:45

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Audiobook: https://www.audible.com/pd/Sierra-and-Star-Audiobook/B08XW8G1QR

Blog: https://carthur799.wixsite.com/sierraandstar

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Sandee’s book: https://sandeesgarlata.com/the-book