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May 14, 2021

13. The Disruptive Entrepreneur: Interview with Rob Moore

13. The Disruptive Entrepreneur: Interview with Rob Moore

Sandee’s guest is Rob Moore—an entrepreneur, investor, author of 6 bestsellers, prolific podcaster, and founder of The Rob Moore Foundation. Rob shares invaluable insight into how he became a hugely successful entrepreneur and what he considers confidence

🦸‍♂️ Rob thrives when he has a lot of things going on but his kryptonite is getting overwhelmed. 02:03

✨ Focus is about following one course until success. 03:53

⚡ Rob is recharging with podcasting, going to the gym, having mini-breaks in the day, and doing inspirational things. 05:38

📚 He wrote the book Routine equals results to show the entrepreneur’s paradox. 08:09

🥇 Rob shares his routine, but you need to find yours! 09:23

😇 His vision is to help as many people to start and scale their businesses and get a better financial education. 11:44

🤓 Rob works on five key result areas daily. 13:04

🙃 What keeps Rob up at night? 15:14

✌️ Being disruptive should have a noble cause. Let nothing distract you from your vision and mission. 17:10

👏 When Rob experienced his lowest low and how he dealt with it. 21:34

🤔 Beware while building your identity. 23:47

🔥 Advice Rob would give to his younger self. 26:44

🤩 “If you're worried about what other people think about you, you ain't busy enough.” 29:37


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