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April 23, 2021

10. Organ Transplant to Gratitude: Interview with JB Caine

10. Organ Transplant to Gratitude: Interview with JB Caine

Sandee's guest is JB Caine—a teacher, speech/debate coach, and author of the fictional novel "Rise Of The Moon". Jennifer shares a story on how her husband had a successful double lung transplant 10 years ago, and how her family is coping with challenges

😇 Sandee shares a story about how she dealt with anxiety caused by her book release. 0:43

💭 Jennifer always dreamed of being a writer and a mom. 6:08

📖 JB writes books for the young adult paranormal genre. 8:25

🫁 When Jennifer's daughter was 3, her husband received a double lung transplant. 9:31

🙏 No matter how dark things are, there's always something to be grateful for. 14:00

💉 Lung transplant patients take immunosuppressants for the rest of their lives. 19:54

😷 Jennifer crafted a lot during the pandemic and has made over 500 masks. 25:25

📚 JB's book "Rise Of The Moon" is the first in the series. 28:08

🗣️ We have to be open to the voices of others. 31:39

⏸️ A break from social media can help keep your mental health in a good place. 38:00

💗 Power of gratitude in our lives and the importance of explaining emotions while parenting.  42:47


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