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April 16, 2021

09. Grief, Anxiety, and Adoption: Interview with Ashley Banion

09. Grief, Anxiety, and Adoption: Interview with Ashley Banion

Sandee’s guest today is Ashley Banion, an English teacher, published author, high school cheerleading coach and mom. She always dreamed of becoming a published author, but she put that dream aside when she became an English teacher. In this episode, Ashle

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🏫 Ashley enjoys working in an elementary school. 2:46

🥰 Ashley and her husband, Vince, are highschool sweethearts, but they’ve known each other since kindergarten. 4:02

👶 I want to adopt a baby. 7:14

🎌 A free trip to Japan, and Japan’s program for adoption. 8:24

🗾 International adoption takes longer than adoption in the states, so the year-long wait felt like the longest year of Ashley’s life. 12:08

🤯 Ashley received the call that changed her life. 14:58

🎭 Handling the ups and downs of her adoption journey, and coping with mixed feelings. 17:54

☯️ Loss in adoption. 20:00

🙏 Ashley is very grateful. 25:00

🏃‍♀️ Jogging helped Ashely with the stress and anxiety issues she had. 26:16

🌺 Mizuki is Ashley’s daughter's name, which means beautiful. 30:10 

🌊 “Grief is like an ocean.” 32:06 

👧🏻 Everly is a cute, independent, and sassy girl. 33:32

🧐 When is the right time to tell your child about adoption? 36:15

👘 Ashley plans to go to Japan with Everly and learn Japanese. 41:03

🤣 The first days of motherhood in Japan were not easy, especially with no changing tables in the coffee shops. 41:42

☀️ Exposing your vulnerability is essential to helping other people. 47:43


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