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March 5, 2021

03. Stories Give Hope

03. Stories Give Hope

Sandee’s guest is Geoffrey Berwind, a storytelling coach, speaker, nationwide trainer for speakers and leaders, and founder of Storytelling Success. Sandee and Geoffrey talk about creativity as a path to find happiness, stories and their importance in cre

🙇 Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to shift your energy from negative to positive. 0:38

🐴 Happiness for Geoffrey is being outdoors. He recently started an interesting relationship with a local donkey sanctuary. 6:08

🙃 Optimism is a part of how we find our happiness. 8:28

🐦 How nature cured Geoffrey’s melancholy while he was reinventing his life.10:44

🪶 Another sign that everything will be all right. 15:20

🫂 How do we define happiness? 17:24

😔 Feelings and emotions that surrounded Geoffrey after he lost his grandmother. 18:38

😃 Geoffrey’s legacy is laughter and creating new relationships undefined by age. 20:42

🗣️ Storytelling is the best way to communicate in this data-driven world. 21:59

📖 How one line in a book and help from friends sparked a pivotal moment in Geoffrey's life. 21:59

🎭 Gilbert and Sullivan’s record: The Mikado got Geoffrey into singing and acting. 26:22

🎯 What is a creativity vaccination, and how can it help you during the pandemic? 29:02

✍️ Start a list of stories you could develop because your stories matter. 33:57

🌟 Stories give hope. 36:19

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