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Oct. 1, 2021

33. Through Love, Anything is Possible: Interview with Max Reif.mp3

33. Through Love, Anything is Possible: Interview with Max Reif.mp3

Max Reif is a writer who has devoted his life to Meher Baba. He talks about his path to spirituality, his past struggles with drugs, and his battle with depression. Max attributes his ability to find the balance to spiritual people, love, and Art. He shar

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☮️ Max had a hard time in college, experimented with LSD, and had an interesting spiritual life journey.  05:46

📰 In college, Max heard about Meher Baba for the first time. 09:28

🙌 “The truth is mystical, not political.” A rumor was spread that he became Meher Baba`s follower. 10:38 

❗ Max suffered from drug addiction and depression. 15:22

👼 Max had a weird dream. 16:58

🌈 There is an avatar - a world messenger that comes to earth every 7 to 14 000 years and reminds people of their role in history.  19:27 

❤️ Max felt love in the room: God is everywhere. 21:05

✍️ Max enjoys writing prose and poetry, likes painting, and has made CDs with children’s songs. 24:52 

🎵 Max is a baby boomer, so that affected his music. He explains the words of his song. 28:32

👼 Meher Baba means compassionate father, and he is not just the person but a nameless God. 35:03

 💚 God guides us through life. Through love, the impossible becomes possible 36:42

🎨 Painting has helped Max fight nervous breakdowns. 38:40

👨‍🎨 Art helped Max achieve balance and become whole; his painting expresses his external life, 39:15

Connect with Max Reif: www.publishedwritingsofmaxreif.jimdo.com

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