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July 2, 2021

20. A Safe Space to Get Support and Help: Interview with PeerSpace

20. A Safe Space to Get Support and Help: Interview with PeerSpace

Today’s guests are Avantika Jhadhave and Junkie Tankar from PeerSpace, located in India. They selflessly work with a nonprofit organization that they founded called PeerSpace. It is an online platform where people worldwide can ask questions completely an

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🐣 About the beginnings of PeerSpace 02:22

💔 The most common questions asked are about anxiety, heartbreak, and relationships. 03:44

🫂 Helping people with very serious problems like suicide. 07:55

🌐 Their site is totally anonymous and open to everyone worldwide. 09:44

📱 Find them on Instagram @PeerSpaceOfficial. 10:47

😇 Using Twitter to post short reminders on important mental health issues.12:41

🩺 PeerSpace is connected with professionals and mental health organizations. 14:41

🤓 On their webinars: They are preparing a webinar about borderline personality disorder. 15:40

🧑‍🦱Men and boys are less likely to ask for help. 18:24

🧦 Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes but wear your socks. 20:11

💡 Create awareness, try to learn about someone’s problem so you can help, if it's needed. 22:49

⚡ Peerspace is a movement and it is needed to show more empathy. 27:56



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