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May 7, 2021

12. Stepping Fearless Into The Future: Interview with Paulina Aguilar

12. Stepping Fearless Into The Future: Interview with Paulina Aguilar

Today Sandee is speaking with Paulina Aguilar. She is an international motivational speaker, transformational coach, author, and Business Catalyst. Her book “Two Steps Forward and Never Look Back” will be released soon. Paulina shares her story on how she

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🤷‍♀️ Sandee’s son was put in a horrible predicament because someone was playing a joke on him.. 1:39

🙋‍♀️ Welcome, Paulina! 7:22

📙 Paulina’s book will be released in early spring. 7:57

🇺🇲 She grew up in Ecuador but in her twenties, she decided to leave and move to the States. 9:02

🙃 She decided to stay in the States alone without knowing English. 12:11

🚶‍♀️ If you don’t work on yourself, you will follow the same patterns of your old behavior.15:02

💨 Paulina got out of a bad marriage and focused on her and her son’s well-being. 18:17

😇 She combines experiences in spirituality and sales into her training. 20: 54 

🤓 Sandee manifested her husband. 24:20

✨ Paulina helps women and teaches them about sales, emotions, and getting to the next level for free. 27:01

🥰 Story on how Paulina manifested her husband. 28:46

👏 I want to be with you vs. I need you. 33:35

🛀 Cocaine abuse and dealing with the roots of the issue. 34:33

🎆 Paulina empowers her community through her free webinars each Tuesday. 37:58

👠 With her book, Paulina wants to empower women to choose to move forward. 39:51

⚡ Don't let anything stop you. 42:44

💪 The courage Paulina has is amazing. 43:36


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