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April 2, 2021

07. Depression, the national emergency we need to talk about! Featuring Natalie Souders

07. Depression, the national emergency we need to talk about! Featuring Natalie Souders

Sandee’s guest today is Natalie Souders, a private practice therapist, author, and licensed social worker. She provides counseling to children, adults, and families facing a variety of mental health challenges, but her greatest passion is working with tee

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🌸 Natalie is a therapist who utilizing EMDR therapy while working with teens and women. 2:38
💔 EMDR therapy has benefits for women with postpartum depression. 5:30
🤰 Very few women recognize they're experiencing postpartum depression. 6:32
😞 Evaluations for postpartum depression are extremely limited. Hospitals are not checking for it, and therefore, they’re not providing enough support for new mothers. Postpartum depression does not just leave—it morphs and shows up in other ways. 8:00
🥀 Natalie no longer carries any shame for experiencing postpartum depression. She is able to put the blame on the people and systems that failed her. 11:30
🤱 Natalie’s labor story. With all the issues that occurred, it was a really lonely time and nothing seemed to go right. 13:08
😢 She suffered from severe postpartum depression. 15:44
👶 What it feels like when there is no bond between a mother and her baby. 21:27
📘 Dear Mama was in Natalie’s drawer for 4+ years before COVID pushed her to publish it. 24:59
📚 Natalie uses children’s books in her therapy sessions with adults. 27:44
🧸 Dear Mama shows moms struggling—not just being happy—and helps parents understand what is really going on after a child's birth. 29:26
👨‍🍼 Natalie and her husband prepared for their second baby by saving up her husband’s time off so they could create their own 3-week paternity leave. Be aware of the FMLA laws that are in place at your job. 31:36 
‼️ When you are depressed, very bad things can happen in a split second. 34:06
🏥 Natalie saw five lactation consultants in one week, but the medical community failed her. 35:43
🍼In postpartum depression therapy, Natalie uses an approach of small goals and verbalization with the baby as a bonding tool. 38:33
✍️ Natalie is preparing a companion journal to Dear Mama. The journal will be out before Mother’s Day. 39:55
⭐ She is determined to fill in the gaps by developing resources that can help women’s mental health. 41:54
🎁 Give Dear Mama as a gift of validation to new moms. 43:33
👩 New moms need to be validated, have a support system, and establish healthy coping mechanisms. 44:29
🎨 Dear Mama has illustrations that can be used as a tool to help spouses understand what you’re going through. 46:42
🎯 We need to talk about depression. It's an emergency that we're facing in our country right now. 48:19



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