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March 12, 2021

04. Miracle Baby to Entrepreneur Part 1 with Yolanda Latimer

04. Miracle Baby to Entrepreneur Part 1 with Yolanda Latimer

Sandee’s guest is Yolanda Latimer—a corporate recruiter, Owner/CEO at Londa’s Laboratory, LLC and single mom of three. Yolanda shares her emotional journey through a hard pregnancy resulting in delivering a 23-week-old baby. She also talks about her strug

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👋 Welcome to the Happiness Solved podcast. 00:11
🤰 The beginning of a healthy pregnancy. 00:54
😔 The problems start. 01:35
❓ Decisions have to be made. 05:09
🌥️ Slim chances vs. high hopes. 07:35
😓 The baby is coming! Or not…? 12:00
️🗓️ The longest week. 17:04
💔 Emotional hardships. 18:36
👶 The delivery. 20:33
❤️ Seeing the baby for the first time. 28:02
🔮 Predictions and struggles. 30:45
🙏 Praying for the best, preparing for the worst. 34:30
🤞 Managing life outside the hospital. 36:58
💪 Beating the odds! 42:23

Connect with Yolanda:
Instagram: @londaslaboratory
Site: https://www.londaslaboratory.com/

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